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Top up

Easy money deposit. Top up your wallets using different payment systems. No matter where you are, BCPay is always with you.


Easy withdrawal of money from wallets. You can witdraw money to a bank card or bank account.


You can transfer money from to anywhere. On your other wallets, or other peoples wallets. If a person does not have an BCPay account, you can send money on the email.


Exchange currencies right inside your BCPay account.

More features in

Business account


exclusive for business accounts

Expand the boundaries of your business with payments. You can accept payments from customers to your wallets through your website, online store and more.

Higher deposits

The business has big turnover and needs. Especially for business accounts, we offer increased limits for the monthly and daily deposits.

Increse transaction limit

Conсlude deals and manage the business easily with increased limits for one transaction.

What else

Additional protection of all operations by dual-factor authorization

You can add one or more devices to confirm the operations. For example, your phone or tablet. Then no one else can use your wallets.

More security – verification

Verification provides transparency and security. Account verification prevents money laundering and fraud. And also allows you to use higher deposits and increase the daily limit of transactions.

Friendly support

Our support will help you deal with any problem. We guarantee a quick and professional response for you. Do not hesitate to ask your questions.

We will not tell you for a long time about how good BCPay is.

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